Aligning Your Organization through Performance Measurement

What gets measured gets done!

Performance measurement creates a system for communicating your goal and objectives. Communication creates alignment amongst all of your associates… and alignment is the foundation for implementing your strategic plan and achieving your vision.

This process has produced significant results in industries as diverse as non-profit, financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and distribution.

Benefits of Strategy Deployment through Performance Measurement:

  • Turn Strategic Planning into Strategic Implementation
  • Build a structure where everyone is working towards the Strategic Vision
  • Move strategy beyond top management to all associates
  • Discover how to truly empower your organization
  • Determine the gap between present performance and ultimate service
  • Understand how your strategy can provide a solid foundation so that Six Sigma, Lean Operations, Balanced Scorecard, ISO, supply chain integration and team development may flourish
  • Recognize the effect performance measures have on creating organizational culture
  • Understand the relationship between financial flows and customer service
  • Create accountability!!!

Participants will:

  • Turn “Balanced Scorecards” into “Performance Scorecards”
  • Learn how to link strategy to all company activities
  • Create performance measures that have integrity and are:
  • realistic and trackable.
  • measured by the people that do the work.
  • measured often enough to correct poor performance.

See Performance Measurement Outline