Warehouse and Plant Operations Assessment

If your warehouse or plant is struggling with low productivity, not getting orders out on time, poor quality, or too much inventory the first step we recommend for turning around performance is to conduct an Assessment. Over the years, we have honed a comprehensive Plant and Warehouse audit checklist to help us identify problems, their root cause and ways to overcome these problems. The Assessment is based on Plant and Warehouse Operations Best Practices that we have observed in the hundreds of facilities we have helped streamline. Our methods are grounded in Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain Management.

Our Clients benefit from this Assessment by the identification of all Warehouse and Plant improvement opportunities. The Assessment provides a road map for organizational improvements that clients can use on their own, or often we are asked to assist and facilitate the development and implementation of the strategy.

The Assessment provides a road map for organizational improvements.

We will compare the best practices checklist against your plant and warehouse operations procedures to identify how we can improve productivity, capacity, customer-service (on-time-delivery and fill rate), quality, employee engagement and inventory management. The findings are turned into detailed project scopes-of-work that may include facility layout, cellular line design, quickchangeover, inventory optimization, streamlining information flows, 5S visual management and performance scorecards.

While the outcome of the Assessment is a detailed report, our focus is implementation. We want to quickly close performance gaps in a sustainable way, involving your team and educating them on the use of Warehouse and Plant Operations improvement tools so they can continue making improvements in the future.

The Assessment is a 2 – 4 day on-site process following the outline below. After the on-site portion, we write up a detailed report and present our findings to management.