Supply Velocity: Lean Process Improvement & Supply Chain Management

Lean Process Improvement and Supply Chain Management is an area many companies fail to fully leverage. Supply Velocity is a leader in Supply Chain and Lean implementation

Our service is comprised of three fundamental components: Analysis, Plan Development and Implementation.   Aligned and linked by process streamlining, execution and organizational effectiveness techniques, we optimize Inventory, Sales efforts, Facility Layout, Facility Location / Network Design and Process Effectiveness.

Typically our first step when working with a new Client is to conduct an Assessment. Over the years, we have honed one of the most effective Assessments available. The Assessment provides a detailed and prioritized plan for your Supply Chain Strategy and Implementation.

We have been helping organizations improve their supply chains, execute their plans and streamline their processes since 1998. To date, we have helped more than 90 Clients implement over 400 projects across a broad spectrum of business segments including manufacturing, distribution, retail, healthcare, professional services and non-profit.

Consider these points:

> 95% of our sales come from referrals; Satisfied clients

> 90% of new clients begin with an Assessment

> 80% of Assessments result in a project; Assessment is valuable

> On average, each client invites us back for 4 projects; Results achieved

We can operate on a service fee basis to be leveraged generally as a member of the management team or on a project basis, where our projects are defined in scope, duration and investment. In that scenario, if we don’t achieve the savings we defined in the Assessment, we will return your investment. Your return is Guaranteed!