When we created our new layout with Supply Velocity, everyone was involved, from the executive team to our direct labor force. With Mitch’s help we increased our shop labor hours by a 3x multiple, while providing more competitive prices to our clients as a result of the efficiency improvements. It was a win-win, our clients obtained more competitive pricing, and we increased our profitability and sales.

~ Geoff Gross, President – Gross Mechanical

Mitch Millstein helped us develop a new omni-channel warehousing and inventory plan that entirely redefined our approach to warehousing, inventory management, store distribution and fulfillment. As a result, we have already seen an improvement of $300,000 from both more efficient shipping strategies due to better inventory management

~ Rob Bowers, Vice President of Strategy – Total Hockey

After a number of years of flat sales, our work with Supply Velocity helped us profitably jump start our business. We went from modest 3-5% annual revenue growth to 20% within two years. What we learned from Supply Velocity’s algorithms changed the way we go to market, target customer-segments and distribute our products. We continue to use the tools and knowledge we gained from Supply Velocity’s Customer Optimization Model.

~ Josh Allen – Founder

Put simply, we got everything we paid for and in addition to more in depth analysis, we got specific tasks that were immediately actionable. Our local management team found Ray to be engaging, highly credible and insightful based on his wide experience.

~ Lee Hartwell CPA, Plant Manager – Myerson Tooth Dental Products

We have been partnered with Supply Velocity for 11 years in our mid-level leadership training. Their practical approach to continuous process improvement has equipped our leaders with the confidence and tools necessary to understand why, make positive change and challenge the status quo.

~ Michael Ockerhausen – Bunge

Supply Velocity has provided the technical expertise and political capital to move our project forward. They have just the right amount of push and the right amount of support. Supply Velocity has helped us make real changes to improve efficiencies in logistics without jeopardizing our performance. We’re happy and our customers are happy.

~ David Walters, President – HY-C Company LLC

We had the pleasure of engaging Supply Velocity to streamline our production and dramatically improve planning and reporting. Our Company is extremely pleased with the results which will help us meet our aggressive growth objectives.

~ Andy Sealfon, CEO and President – RMS Medical Products

Supply Velocity, and specifically Cyril Narishkin, were instrumental to helping make waste in our sheet-metal operation more visible.  Their efforts and training have been an important component of our LEAN initiative, and have contributed to any success we have enjoyed to-date.

~ Kevin Thompson, Chief Financial Officer – Cambridge Engineering, Inc.

Our experience with Supply Velocity was one of the best values we have ever had from a consulting project. Cyril Narishkin brought a structured lean methodology, invaluable experience and engaging facilitation skills to help us streamline a very complex and disjointed sales order process. Our team now has the knowledge and process competencies to address other business improvement opportunities going forward.

~ Mike Howard, CEO and President – ASPEQ

Supply Velocity has helped Clean improve quality measurement 22% from 2013 to 2015, reduced required annual labor by 2200 hours from the garment facility layout project, and we’ve seen 50% decrease in error rate. Obviously the numbers speak for themselves…

~ Jeff Lazaroff, Senior Vice President – Clean

We hired Supply Velocity to help us maximize results of our product development process. In four weeks, Supply Velocity helped us envision a new structure, develop measures and accountability for each step, and gain consensus within the organization.

~ Gabe Szabo, President – Closure Medical

C&R was struggling with labor productivity. The construction crews were often missing materials that they needed to do their work causing significant idle time. Supply Velocity helped us make dramatic improvements. Our ROI was 11 to 1.  [Their] process encourages this group to work together, better communicate and have fun doing it.

~ Tom Kuthe, Vice President of Operations and George Edinger, President – C&R Mechanical

Through Supply Velocity’s mathematical workflow balancing, dramatic improvements were achieved. The entire operation was rearranged based on Lean principles. The result is a 20.6% productivity improvement, enabling us to operate with 23 fewer people.

~ Rich Lavosky, General Manager – Precision Printing

We are using Supply Velocity’s Inventory Optimization methods to help rationalize SKUs. By using math to evaluate SKUs we took some of the emotion out of our decisions.

~ Mark Kelso, Director of Process Improvement – Save-A-Lot

Supply Velocity helped us streamline office processes and maximize cash flow. Our Chapter has realized expense savings of over $380,000 annually, and significant improvement in intra-company service levels has been attained.

~ Joe White, CEO – St. Louis Red Cross

Upon launch of the Sales Process Improvement project, we knew more about our customers and were able to create a plan to increase sales profitably. Within months booked sales jumped 60 percent.

~ Mark Presker, General Manager – AMSL

We learned valuable tools to help us to prioritize based on the voice of the customer. These skills made a difference in how we work every day; eliminating ineffective processes. Supply Velocity helped us to accomplish our goals.

~ Karen Rugare, Director of Marketing – Erie Insurance

With Supply Velocity’s help, we saved over $350,000 in work-in-process inventory, reduced throughput time from 2 weeks to minutes and increased inventory turns 3 to 8 times per year.

~ Terry Etter, Vice President – Essex Medical

Streamlining this process created extra time for each Sales Rep, allowing them to spend more time with Customers and increase the value we add. Profit margins are up 40 percent!

~ Jeff Reitz, President – Central States Bus

Supply Velocity’s Lean Six Sigma System has given us new tools to help improve our sales performance. We have learned new ways to analyze our business which makes problem solving more accurate and has made us better leaders.

~ Rachel Andreasson, EVP – Wallis Companies

Supply Velocity created visibility within our Assurance Services Group… visibility of performance, client-service, employee satisfaction and processing time. Audit Report Cycle time is down over 50 percent.

~ Fred Kostecki, Partner-In-Charge – RubinBrown

In thirty years of hiring consultants, Supply Velocity was the first to tell me what they were going to do, set a price they stuck to and substantially exceed my expectations. They were true partners in assisting with the turnaround of an acquisition. We increased our production by 50% in the first month of implementation and increased profitability by $2M.

~ Bill Gilbert, CEO – Landscape Brands

The project turned out to be very significant to the company and most importantly, our customers. We reduced our customer wait times by 40%, and cut in half the labor cost to fulfill customer orders.

~ Dionne Dumitru COO – Weekends Only

The key for our organization was how quickly we moved from classroom to actual project initiation. We were able to jump in, start using the tools and see a difference right away.

~ Ned Lane, President – CeeKay Supply