Lean is a powerful instrument for improving operations. It enables organizations to service customers faster and more productively by eliminating non‑value added activities.

These non-value added activities are known as the Eight Wastes: extra motion, overproduction, unnecessary movement, waiting, inventory, rework, transport and under-utilized people. Visual management techniques, pull systems, balanced work, cellular production, work teams and standardization are the tools used to fight the Eight Wastes.

These tools have produced significant results in diverse industries, such as insurance, hospitals, production and distribution.

This workshop will enable a broad spectrum of employees to use Lean to streamline processes. It makes Lean easy to learn and implement. By educating 15 to 20 employees in three one‑day sessions, and implementing the tools at the same time, Lean will begin to become part of your culture in as little as three months. Managers, front-line employees, technical employees and executives can all take part in small teams that work to streamline company processes.

This workshop teaches the main tools of Lean Operations:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Spaghetti Diagrams
  • 5S Visual Management
  • Process Flow Mapping
  • Quickchangeover
  • Kanban Inventory Control
  • Flow Velocity®

Throughout this workshop, these tools will be used to transform a batch, non-value added operation into a Lean process.

Benefits of Lean:

  • Increase speed within your company to serve customers faster
  • Improve productivity through elimination of non-value added activities (waste)
  • Reduce inventory
  • Create a visual workplace where everyone knows what needs to be accomplished

Participants will:

  • Learn how to Value Stream Map and identify and quantify waste in your organization
  • Utilize 5S Visual Management to improve productivity through organizing and standardizing of your workplace
  • Process Flow Map and eliminate non-value added activities
  • Create a Pull System using Kanban
  • Streamline work processes using Flow Velocity® analysis and design

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