Day 1

1. Review Participant Expectations and Experiences with Lean

2. Philosophy of Lean

3. The Eight Non Value Added Activities

4. Value Stream Mapping

  • Emergency Room Example

5. Time Study & Spaghetti Diagrams

6. Non-Lean Simulation

  • Vehicle Factory or Truck Dealership

7. Workshop Exercise : Create Value Stream Map & Spaghetti Diagram of the Vehicle Factory or Car Dealership

8. 5S Visual Management

9. 5S Project Planning

  • Team, Scope, Timeline, Benefits

10. 5S – Sort, Set-In-Order, Shine

  • Implement the first 3 S’s on the Vehicle Factory or Truck Dealership

11. 5S – Standardization: Visual Standardization Tools

  • Visual Safety Requirements, Visual Scheduling Boards, 5S Audit Poster, Set-In-Order Bulletin Boards

12. 5S – Standardization: Visual Work Instructions

  • Create Visual Work Instructions for Vehicle Production or Car Dealership Sales

13. 5S – Sustain

  • Random 5S Audits
  • Renewing 5S (Re-5S.
  • The 5S Implementation Schedule

14. Wrap-Up and Evaluation

  • Your plan for Value Stream Mapping and 5S Implementation


Lean Champion Workshop Outline – Day 2

Teams present progress on their Lean Project’s Value Stream Map and photos of 5S Activities

15. Process Flow Mapping

  • Identify and Eliminate Non Value Added in Business Processes

16. Defining the Customer

  • Internal, External, General Public

17. Creating the Current State Process Flow Map

  • Mapping Methods (Shapes, Colors, Connectors, Materials.

18. Process Sorting

  • Color Coding Each Task, Document and Decision

19.Eliminating Non Value Added Steps

  • Master Red Tag List
  • Issues and Ideas

20. Prioritizing Ideas

  • High Benefit and Easy to Implement

21. Turn Ideas into Action Plans

22. Quantify Time Savings

23. Future State Process Flow Map

24. Quickchangeover

  • Improving Asset Utilization

25. Internal and External Elements of a Changeover

26. Quickchangeover Time Study Method

  • Car Racing Pit Crews as the Benchmark

27. Analyzing the Time Study Data

  • Eliminate Non Value Added Steps
  • Make External Steps External
  • Move Internal to External

28. Wrap-Up and Evaluation

  • Your plan for Value Stream Mapping and 5S Implementation


Day Three – Kanban & Flow Processing

Teams present the Current and Future State Process Flow Maps and/or Quickchangeover Analysis from their Lean Project.

  1. Kanban Materials Management
  1. Push Versus Pull
  1. Kanban Calculations
  1. Physical Organization of a Kanban System
  • Two Bin, Multi-Bin or 1 Bin
  1. Workshop Exercise
  • Implement Kanban on the Vehicle Factory Components or Truck Dealership’s Supplies
  1. Flow Velocity® Processing
  1. Details of Flow Systems
  • Balancing Supplies, Labor and Work-In-Process
  • Detailed Time Study & Spaghetti Diagrams
  • Takt Time Calculation
  • Theory of Constraints
  1. Product Families
  • Flow Diagram / Flow Path
  • Process Times
  1. Time Study Method
  1. Time Study Matrix
  • Determine minimum number of time studies
  1. Workshop Exercise
  • Perform Time Study of Vehicle Factory
  1. Flow Calculations
  • Calculate Staffing
  • Kanban Inventory Buffers
  1. Workshop Exercise
  • Calculate the number of People Needed to Staff the Vehicle Factory
  1. Flow Balancing / Operational Definition
  • Balance labor to enable continuous flow
  1. Flow Layout
  • Cellular Production
  1. Workshop Exercise
  • Design a One-piece Flow Cell for Vehicle Production or the Truck Dealership
  • Balance Labor
  • Balance Inventory
  • Flow Layout