Do you feel like your workforce is not aligned, focused or effective? Often executives blame their people, but if you are not providing quantitative feedback on performance your people are working in the dark. They get through the day, week or month, but don’t know if they are performing great or poorly, except for verbal “good job” when profits are strong, or “you’ve got to do better” if financial results are suffering.

Symptoms of vague Performance Measurement Systems are:

  • You created a strategy, but it remains a plan that is never implemented
  • Sales and operations are working at cross-purposes
  • Employee problems, including high absenteeism and turnover
  • New products don’t meet sales expectations
  • Customer are not loyal and complaints are high

What gets measured gets done!

What gets measured gets done! The power and success of focused and aligned Performance Measures is based on the principle that few measures in the hands of the many are a foundational requirement for effective execution and a powerful force for continuous improvement.

Supply Velocity’s Performance Measurement Assessment provides a targeted assessment of the businesses’ performance versus strategic and tactical goals and objectives. The Assessment includes and contrasts perceived performance throughout the organization with available performance measures, reports and data. The Assessment also includes organizational alignment, internal communications, standardization and consistency. The Performance Measurement Assessment determines if your Performance Measurement system is in place and effective. We then provide a road map for developing and executing this system using hierarchical Performance Scorecards.