Sometimes companies and employees feel trapped in a poor performance rut that they feel unable to escape. Often this is due more to poorly designed processes than employee performance. Processes are the heart of every organization, but as companies, products and marketplaces become more complex, the demands and expectations of processes become greater and they often fail to effectively meet the company’s or the customers’ needs and objectives. Personnel are usually aware of problems with their business processes, but they often don’t understand the root causes or the full extent of the issues and their daily work demands don’t provide an opportunity to make the necessary changes. For the company and personnel, it can be a classic example of not being able to “see the forest for the trees.”

Supply Velocity’s Business Process Improvement Assessment includes a targeted assessment of the business’ core processes from which a list of prioritized

Over the years, we have honed an effective Assessment that it is swift and cost effective.

improvement recommendations is provided. Over the years, we have honed an effective Assessment that it is swift and cost effective. The recommendations are supported by data and observations and provide a general framework for the implementation steps, timing, requirements and finances.

The client benefits from the Assessment by the identification of Business Process Improvement opportunities from an experienced 3rd party perspective, not mired down in the day-to-day grind. The Assessment provides a road map for driving improvements. Often, we recommend several projects and the preferred order or implementation.

Consider the following data regarding our Assessments:

  • 90% of our new clients choose to have an Assessment
  • 80% of Assessments result in using Supply Velocity for implementation of the plan
  • Clients invite us back for an average of 4 more projects
  • 95% of our sales come from referrals