Lean is a culture of continuous improvement with a series of tools to identify and eliminate non-value-added work (a.k.a. waste) in processes. The goal is to make companies more productive and respond faster to customers. Most often identified with manufacturing, it has been widely adopted over the last 20 years in distribution/warehousing and healthcare/hospitals. However, Lean is for Everyone! Lean methods help you create visibility of waste. They are universally applicable to drive efficiency in any business process. It works whether you are a non-profit, professional services firm, repair company, retailer/etailer, construction company, transportation firm or are in the traditional Lean industries: manufacturing, distribution or healthcare.

In this workshop we will focus on the application of Lean, taking you through these methods so you can apply Lean in your company. Important and common processes such as HR talent-identification / recruiting / onboarding will be used as examples. Lean has been around for 70 years and is going strong; every year new industries are discovering the value of eliminating waste to streamline their processes and serve their customers better.

Value to Attendees:

Executives, Owners, and Leaders will learn:

  • How they can get started using Lean to create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement
  • Where Lean is applicable and what are the best processes and applications in their company
  • How they should structure Lean to create a culture of continuous improvement

Managers will learn:

  • To streamline processes, improving productivity
  • Increase capacity
  • Respond faster and more effectively to customers
  • Without needing new software or capital expenditures