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Creating a Lean Sales Process

Sales is like any process, it operates by design or default. Using Lean Tools we redesigned a very successful company’s sales process to improve Sales Rep Productivity, getting more Profit from every Rep. Problem This month’s case-study Client sells transportation equipment, services this equipment and sells replacement parts. The owner had executed a successful growth

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Lean Operational Process Improvement

This Newsletter will case study Phase 3 of the improvements made to our custom cabinet and millwork manufacturing client. The prior few months we profiled the improvements they made in their business, via Performance Measurement and On-Target™ Sales Strategy. This month we will review the improvements they’ve made in Operations. They produce custom cabinets and

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Lean Scheduling & Order Delivery

This newsletter will case study Phase 2 of the improvements made at our Transportation Equipment Distributor client. Last month we reviewed how we streamlined the sales process to give Sales Reps more time to sell and grow profit. This month we will review how we delivered on the promises we made to customers, providing this

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Lean in Hospital Primary Care

Lean Six Sigma Tools Performance Measurement 5S Visual Management Spaghetti Diagrams Time Study Details – Performance Measurement The team first learned about Performance Measurement and then created their Performance Scorecards.   As you can see, On Time Delivery of service shows up twice as measures of seeing patients at their appointment times. (How may of you

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Using Value Stream Mapping to Reduce Overhead

Reducing Overhead Labor with Value Stream Mapping This Plastics Manufacturing Company was caught in the Great Recession.  They had to reduce costs when some of their customers cut back, including an auto-plant that closed.  However, being a capital intensive manufacturer, the options were not obvious. Lean Six Sigma Tools This project used Value Stream Mapping

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The Ideal Lean Scorecard (An Assessment Tool) 

Link to the White-Paper The Ideal Lean Assessment Scorecard The Ideal Lean Process All employees show up to work every day, are motivated, can work at any operation and are constantly looking for ways to improve processes Supplies can be ordered and delivered immediately, in whatever quantities are needed and are defect free Equipment never