A common supply chain and operations challenge is optimizing productivity in your facility. Technologies, processes and products change, but often the layout of your facility stays the same. Supply Velocity’s warehouse and plant layout method follows a comprehensive process of evaluating material flows, information flows and SKU velocity. The difference in our method is the blending of quantitative analysis tools with the operational knowledge of our Clients’ employees. Instead of jumping right into the layout/design, we create a total understanding of the current state of the process, material flows and information flows. This understanding leads to a better design and a more productive layout. Because of our strengths in Lean Process Improvement, we not only optimize labor productivity to produce, pick, pack and ship, we also eliminate unnecessary steps in the business process.


Warehouse & Plant Layout – Implementation Plan

  1. Benchmark current performance metrics
  2. Current state analysis
    • Map the current information and material flow to complete an order
      • Identify and eliminate non value added information-processing steps
    • Material flow diagram to understand routings through operations
    • Time study & Spaghetti Diagram analysis
      • Understand current labor movements to fulfill an order
      • Identify and eliminate non value labor steps
    • Pareto (80/20) analysis of SKU order selection
  3. Design warehouse or plant to optimize labor productivity and material flows
  4. Implement layout with integrated 5S Visual Management