The Challenge for Service Businesses

After manufacturers and distributors implemented Lean Six Sigma in their warehouses and factories they continued their process improvement efforts in the front and back office for customer service, sales proposals, finance and accounting and many other areas. These successes drove the use of Lean in Service Industries and Six Sigma in Service Industries for improving service speed, quality, consistency and ease of doing business. Just as manufacturers faced relentless domestic and overseas competition, service companies must have the best cost, quality and cycle time to win new customers and keep existing customers loyal. In addition, automation and ecommerce are changing the nature of service processes and using Lean Six Sigma prior to your software and automation implementation will ensure that your processes are robust and productive.

How Supply Velocity Helps Service Clients

  • Lean Business Process Improvement
  • Six Sigma Quality
  • Performance Scorecards

We will help you identify non-value added steps and design a future state that is faster and more productive.

Today it is very common for banks, insurance companies, retailers, maintenance-services companies, and even law firms to be implementing Lean Six Sigma. Lean for Service Organizations usually involves the mapping of processes to identify and eliminate waste. Waste can be rework, steps that customers don’t value or work that can be done with existing software systems, but was never implemented. We will help you identify non-value added steps and design a future state that is faster and more productive.

Six Sigma for Service Organizations is utilized to improve quality. Many people associate quality with physical goods and therefore think it applies only to manufacturers. However, service quality can be even more important and is actually easier to measure. Quality is adherence to customer requirements. Did the service provide value for customers? Was it mistake-free? Six Sigma drives processes to be consistent. The term “six sigma” is associated with less than 3 – 4 defects per million transaction. Given the large number of “transactions” in service companies, being six sigma is critical for success.

The last tool Supply Velocity uses to support Service Clients is performance measurement. Before implementing Lean Business Process Improvement or Six Sigma Quality we will facilitate the creation of Performance Scorecards. These scorecards balance your performance metrics to make sure you are helping customers succeed, keeping employees satisfied, are operationally efficient, innovative and are achieving financial success. You manage what you measure, which is why all Lean Six Sigma companies utilize Balanced Performance Scorecards as a foundation for continuous improvement.

If you are wondering how to streamline your service processes, Supply Velocity, with hundreds of clients and 600+ Lean Six Sigma projects, is a proven partner.