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Is there anything better than seeing something first hand?


Thanks to our friends at MiTek, more than 20 of Supply Velocity’s client-companies were able to send representatives to see how MiTek is using lean tools to increase their capacity, ensure on-time delivery, and improve financial performance.  On 9 October, Greg Pritchett and his team hosted nearly 50 current and past customers of Supply Velocity.  After a presentation by Greg as too how they were able to implement their new lean tools, we toured their facility and saw real-life examples of flow production cells using Kanban signals, 5S, and improved scheduling. In the past, MiTek was only able to produce approximately two complex sawblade machines and its associated components per month. Now the MiTek team consistently delivers one system every 4 days! During the Q&A session after the tour, we heard their lessons-learned in implementing Performance Scorecards throughout the organization. Thank you to entire MiTek team for an awesome visit! Also, thanks to Companion Bread for bringing the yummy treats for all of us to enjoy!