Warehouse Layout for Ecommerce (Tacony)

New layout for existing warehouse, implemented during the Client’s busy season

  • Analyzed the current state of: 1) receiving to putaway, 2) pick/pack/ship, and 3) information flows from customer order to ship
  • Discovered: 1) No identifiable “center of gravity” around shipping dock doors, 2) Racks are aligned wrong, 3) SKU locations do not match velocity, and 4) Value-add operations are located in “prime location” but are only 6% of orders.
  • Improvements: 1) Re-aligned racking and shelving, 2) Created velocity codes by item (V1, V2, V3) and located items in new layout by velocity and size, with highest velocity items near the pack stations and dock doors, and 3) Moved value-added operations further from the center-of-gravity


Increased order throughput from 800 orders per day to 2000, with a reduction in workforce from 22 to 20 people.

Warehouse Layout for Industrial Distributor (Crescent Parts)

Layout for new warehouse site that will combine three existing warehouses into one

Warehouse served customer pick-up, delivery to customers and customers shopping in retail branch connected to the warehouse

  • Analyzed demand to predict new SKU inventory levels of the 3-to-1 combined warehouse
  • Calculated space requirements for each SKU based on: 1) Maximum inventory levels, 2) Size, and 3) Case quantity.  Turned calculations into detailed plan for racking, shelving and floor stock space requirements
  • Aligned racking, shelving and floor stock locations around “center of gravity” in support of customer pick-up, delivery trucks and connected retail branch


Operated new, larger warehouse with the same number of people as only one of the three warehouses consolidated into this location