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Quantitative Supply Chain Decisions Driving Your Business

Are you actively making these strategic supply chain decisions or just continuing with how things have always been done? Download White Paper: Important Quantitative Supply Chain Decisions Supply Chain Management Supply chain management involves the flow of products, information and money from suppliers (and their suppliers) through a company to its customers (and their customers)

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The Challenge of Retail, Omni-Channel and Supply Chain Management

The challenge in retail is summed up in one word, e-commerce. Retailers spent decades creating low-cost supply chains to serve customers from bricks-and-mortar stores and the replenishment systems to keep stores stocked with the right inventory.  However, with the advent of e-commerce these systems are not sufficient to be successful. Even the smallest retailers are selling products from

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Inbound Freight Process Streamlining

Inbound Freight Savings Project Outline This project was fundamentally about getting two departments (Purchasing and Logistics) to see the entire process and determine how they could work together to save the company money on inbound freight. Our first objective was to understand the problem and the opportunity. We developed a problem statement. Download PowerPoint Presentation

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Mitch is Streamling a Client’s Supply Chain Management Process

I am working at a defense contractor Client, streamlining their supply chain management processes.  We will definitely do a e-newsletter on this project.  The team identified 46,000 hours per year of wasted steps.  The future state completely changed their planning and purchasing processes. We are working with them now on their proposal development and program

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SKU (stock-keeping-unit) Optimization

One of the best aspects of pursuing (part time) my Ph.D in Supply Chain Management is that I get to research certain topics and apply them to help my valued Clients.  I am currently writing a academic paper on SKU Optimization.  It is based on a method that is case studied in this month’s e-newsletter. 

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Biggest SKLUsers: SKU Rationalization

SKU Rationalization Project Outline Our initial analysis indicated that they had a high concentration of strong performing SKUs (70.63% of sales came from the top 25% of SKUs) and a significant number of low performing SKUs (1.47% of sales came from the bottom 25% of SKUs). SKU Analysis Presentation. The next analysis (slide #2) showed

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Tradeoffs in Operations

Strategic Tradeoffs in Operations Don’t Exist In an important paper written in the Harvard Business Review, Skinner (1969) stated that in operations you must make tradeoffs between quality, delivery, flexibility and cost. In other words, you cannot have it all. Academic researchers jumped on this idea and conducted many surveys of companies around the world