Specialty Transportation Service Company (MTM)

Rapidly growing, health care related transportation service company with highly complex organization structure and poorly defined / overlapping roles, needed to improve their processes and performance

  • Implemented Key Performance Scorecards from C-Level down through Departmental VPs to establish and quantify the company’s core focus and objectives
  • Rolled out Key Performance Scorecards to Functional Managers and deeper into the organization that aligned and supported the C Level scorecards
  • During scorecard development and later when using the scorecards to make decisions and assess performance, organizational roles were clarified and or changed for better alignment and performance
  • Lean techniques and practices were applied within the new Performance Measurement framework to focus improvement efforts


  • Improved organizational role clarity and accountability
  • Identified organization structural changes necessary to improve accountability
  • Better environment to implement Lean processes and techniques

Manufacturer of Specialty Technology Products (ETS)

Manufacturer of highly specialized and diverse technology products that were assimilated via acquisition, needed performance improvement, focus and alignment under a single operations management team

  • Implemented Key Performance Scorecard for Operations VP, including Key Performance Measures for each Product Family
  • Implemented Key Performance Scorecard for the Operations VP’s direct reports, creating an aligned organization 
  • With the Scorecard framework in place, using them to hold monthly operational performance reviews to establish better decision making and team communications


  • Better monthly planning and communications
  • Increased product line on-time performance and profitability
  • Established better environment to prioritize and implement Lean processes and techniques

Aerospace & Defense Communications Systems Manufacturer (Telephonics)

Telecommunications/electronics specialty manufacturer with highly complex, multi-departmental processes for handling Non-Conforming Material, needed more effective processes that ensured governmental and regulatory compliance

  • Created high-level process overview to graphically show the core value-added steps in the process
  • Overlayed the departmental/functional owners associated with each core step
  • Identified the Key Performance Measures for the four high-level process owners and created an Process Performance Scorecard with responsibilities assigned for each metric
  • While no single department/functional group owning the overall process, a monthly review is held using the Scorecard to assess process performance and drive accountability


  • Faster processing time of non-conforming materials
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Better data accuracy and visibility of material tracking
  • More reliable production and financial planning