Lean Champion Workshop Outline – Day 1

  1. Review Participant Expectations and Experiences with Lean
  2. Philosophy of Lean
  3. The Eight Non Value Added Activities
  4. Value Stream Mapping
    Emergency Room Example
  5. Time Study & Spaghetti Diagrams
  6. Non-Lean Simulation
  7. Vehicle Factory or Truck Dealership
  8. Workshop Exercise : Create Value Stream Map & Spaghetti Diagram of the Vehicle Factory or Car Dealership
  9. 5S Visual Management
  10. 5S Project Planning
  11. Team, Scope, Timeline, Benefits
  12. 5S – Sort, Set-In-Order, Shine
  13. Implement the first 3 S’s on the Vehicle Factory or Truck Dealership
  14. 5S – Standardization: Visual Standardization Tools
  15. Visual Safety Requirements, Visual Scheduling Boards, 5S Audit Poster, Set-In-Order Bulletin Boards
  16. 5S – Standardization: Visual Work Instructions
  17. Create Visual Work Instructions for Vehicle Production or Car Dealership Sales
  18. 5S – Sustain
  19. Random 5S Audits
  20. Renewing 5S (Re-5S)
  21. The 5S Implementation Schedule
  22. Wrap-Up and Evaluation
  23. Your plan for Value Stream Mapping and 5S Implementation
  24. Lean Champion Workshop Outline – Day 2
  25. Teams present progress on their Lean Project’s Value Stream Map and photos of 5S Activities

Process Flow Mapping

Identify and Eliminate Non Value Added in Business Processes

Defining the Customer

Internal, External, General Public

Creating the Current State Process Flow Map

Mapping Methods (Shapes, Colors, Connectors, Materials)

Process Sorting

Color Coding Each Task, Document and Decision

Eliminating Non Value Added Steps

Master Red Tag List

Issues and Ideas

Prioritizing Ideas

High Benefit and Easy to Implement

Turn Ideas into Action Plans

Quantify Time Savings

Future State Process Flow Map


Improving Asset Utilization

Internal and External Elements of a Changeover

Quickchangeover Time Study Method

Car Racing Pit Crews as the Benchmark

Analyzing the Time Study Data

Eliminate Non Value Added Steps

Make External Steps External

Move Internal to External

  • Wrap-Up and Evaluation
  • Your plan for Value Stream Mapping and 5S Implementation
  • Day Three – Kanban & Flow Processing
  • Teams present the Current and Future State Process Flow Maps and/or Quickchangeover Analysis from their Lean Project.
  • Kanban Materials Management
  • Push Versus Pull
  • Kanban Calculations
  • Physical Organization of a Kanban System
  • Two Bin, Multi-Bin or 1 Bin
  • Workshop Exercise
  • Implement Kanban on the Vehicle Factory Components or Truck Dealership’s Supplies
  • Flow Velocity® Processing
  • Details of Flow Systems
  • Balancing Supplies, Labor and Work-In-Process
  • Detailed Time Study & Spaghetti Diagrams
  • Takt Time Calculation
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Product Families
  • Flow Diagram / Flow Path
  • Process Times
  • Time Study Method
  • Time Study Matrix
  • Determine minimum number of time studies
  • Workshop Exercise
  • Perform Time Study of Vehicle Factory
  • Flow Calculations
  • Calculate Staffing
  • Kanban Inventory Buffers
  • Workshop Exercise
  • Calculate the number of People Needed to Staff the Vehicle Factory
  • Flow Balancing / Operational Definition
  • Balance labor to enable continuous flow
  • Flow Layout
  • Cellular Production
  • Workshop Exercise
  • Design a One-piece Flow Cell for Vehicle Production or the Truck Dealership
  • Balance Labor
  • Balance Inventory
  • Flow Layout
  • Teams discuss the use of Flow Velocity® and Kanban for their projects.